Vision - Mission



Our vision is to be the leading company in the field of medical equipment, creating long-term relationships of trust with Hospitals and Clinics throughout the country and proposing innovative solutions of high standards always guided by quality and responsibility towards the entire medical system.

In an ever-changing environment imposed by the data of the modern era, we are looking for opportunities that modernize the medical system and help it respond in the best possible way to the difficulties, thus improving the services it offers, the functionality and the quality of the work environment.



Our mission is to offer complete, personalized solutions to the daily needs of Hospitals and Clinics, adapting to the Greek data, innovations and cutting-edge technologies which are supported by our well-trained technical personnel.

We explore the new requirements and the items that appear, creating value and building a long-term relationship of trust with our customers. We stand by our client from the first contact, during the implementation of each project but mainly after-during the use of the equipment.


Corporate social responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is an integral part of our identity and our mission. Realizing the importance of our role in society, we seek our continuous development and our contribution to issues concerning Health, Family and Environmental Protection.

Our main activity, alone, contributes to the improvement of public health. We are oriented towards the promotion and application of new scientific and technological creations that upgrade the quality of nursing institutions.

We recognize that we are an entity inextricably linked to society. On the one hand, we ensure that our people work in a healthy and stable working environment with all the necessary standards, something that gives integrated people to society. On the other hand, we offer as many jobs as possible, seeking to tackle unemployment. In addition, social actions such as donations are an integral part of our pursuit.

We owe respect to the environment by constantly taking more and more measures that contribute to reducing the environmental footprint of all our corporate activities. Following the instructions of national and international Institutions, we implement integrated certification systems and spread the responsibility for environmental protection to our employees, suppliers and customers.

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