Central Sterilization Steam Sterilizers

    • Clean steam supply system
    • Special safety devices
    • Easy load systems – Loading automations
    • Advanced software traceability solutions

    Low temperature vaporized H2O2 Sterilizers

    Heat Sensitive Materials Sterilizers using hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)

    • Large useful capacity (models 130 lt/80 lt/40 lt)
    • Special fast cycles for each heat-sensitive material (of all lengths and diameters)
    • Triple hydrogen peroxide neutralization system - zero residual emissions
    • Single-shot cartridge H2O2 - Special safety devices

    Autoclave Steam Sterilizers

    Autoclave Steam Sterilizers of small capacity

    • Class B autoclave sterilizer, with fractional vacuum system, suitable for sterilization of solid, hollow and porous items, open or wrapped.
    • It has a built-in steam generator to reduce water consumption and faster sterilization times.
    • It has separate tanks for clean and dirty water. It has a built-in printer and comes with a complete loading system and the possibility of a water processing system.


    Washing - Disinfection Devices

    Surgical Instruments Washers

    Washer disinfectors Surgical Instruments for Central Sterilization, Operating Rooms and Peripheral Departments.

    • Small dimensions - large useful capacity
    • Fast programs (fast cycle)
    • Wide range of accessories - loading racks

    Ultrasound Washers

    • Ultrasound washers with automatic immersion
    • Benchtop ultrasound washers

    Washer Disinfectors

    Washer Disinfectors for each hospital use:

    • Containers
    • Trolleys
    • Wheelchairs
    • Beds
    • Operating tables etc.

    Peripheral Sterilization Equipment

    Pouch Sealers

    • Suitable for use in central sterilizations of hospitals, clinics of various specialties as well as for dental use
    • Color touch screen
    • Built-in printer (with the ability of barcode printer)
    • USB port for data transfer
    • Ability to validate the device (validation).

    Other Sterilization Equipment

    • Special workstations for prewash of instruments
    • Ergonomic systems for storage and transport of materials and instruments
    • Packing and assembly workstations
    • Mobile trolleys for every need.

    Endoscope Processing Systems

    Liquid Sterilization of Endoscopes

    • Complete system of processing and management of endoscopic equipment
    • Innovative automatic prewashing systems
    • Endoscope washers of all types and brands
    • Endoscope drying and storage cabinets
    • Electronic Traceability System.

    Sterilization Consumables

    Cleaning - Disinfecting Liquids

    • Enzymatic and alkaline detergents for use in hospital washer disinfectors
    • Neutral rinsing and drying aid for use in washer disinfectors
    • Enzymatic foam for pre-cleaning surgical instruments
    • Effective action with minimal dosage.

    Sterilization Monitoring Systems

    • Bowie-Dick test
    • Package monitoring systems
    • Process monitoring systems
    • Biological indicators with incubation time of 24 hours
    • Biological indicators for immediate release
    • Traceability system
    • Process monitoring indicators for washer disinfectors
    • Process monitoring indicators for ultrasonic baths
    • Process monitoring indicators for bedpan washers.

    Traceability Systems

    Traceability Workstation

    Traceability workstation that helps reassemble surgical sets by recognition of surgical instruments, validating their position on the set. The system allows the direct connection of all assembly information to the Sterilization software.

    This system provides:

    • Complete software application designed to trace surgical instruments (ideal and safe management of sets).
    • Quickly identifying groups of surgical instruments, with workstation components, in the database of Central Sterilization.
    • Monitoring instruments during the packing step, even when they do not have a unique tool (RFID or datamatrix type), based only on physical parameters.

    Laboratory Equipment

    Laboratory Equipment – Life-science – Pharma

    Washing, disinfecting and sterilizing equipment for special sections of laboratory and pharmaceutical industry.

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