Technical Support


Technical Support Department

We pay special attention to technical support, prevention and repair of damages. We have a well-organized and equipped technical support department. The department consists of 15 technicians specializing in the field of supporting machines. Our technical support bases in Thessaloniki and Heraklion, Crete ensure our immediate response to technical support, in order to reduce the transition time.

Our technicians constantly follow the updates on technology by participating in seminars, exhibitions, conferences, as well as in all educational programs organized by foreign companies.


24/7 Support

Immediate response within 24 hours to any problem report or damage at the customer's site. The great specialization and the excellent knowledge of our technicians as well as the competence that we have nationwide, contribute to the immediate restoration of any damage.

The technical support of the medical equipment is uninterrupted and the response to the needs of the Hospitals is immediate. Having full awareness of the responsibility they have towards patients, the associates of the Technical Support Department operate as a "combat team", ready at any time to offer their services to Hospitals whenever needed throughout Greece.

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