Intensive Care Unit


    Intensive Care Unit Bed

    Special ICU Beds

    ICU beds of four sections, with antimicrobial composition, with air mattress for the prevention and treatment of ulcers, adults/pediatric.


    Pendants & Bed Head Units for Intensive Care Unit

    Suspended and Wall Mounted Units

    Horizontal patient BHU, suspended from the roof, for all critical medical outlets, such as medical gases, electrical sockets, switches, suspension rails, etc. With multiple autonomous compartments, according to European regulations, and the possibility of arranging multiple patient positions in a row.

    Horizontal rail along the entire length of the unit, for sliding and secure support of vertically rotating arms, equipped with shelves and a drawer. This unit can be equipped with a wide range of instruments and components and is produced in the exact desired dimensions required by each ICU.


    Mobile & Fixed Equipment for ICU

    Antimicrobial Storage Systems

    Antimicrobial storage systems suitable for surgeries and the organization of sanitary material.

    Antimicrobial Reception Desks

    Antimicrobial reception desks.


    • Trolleys for clean - dirty linen/waste
    • Infectious waste transfer trolley
    • Ward/change/emergency trolleys, made entirely of polymer material
    • Patient records trolley.

    Electrically Assisted Stretchers

    ICU stretchers, two/four sections, with radiolucent platform.


    Prefabricated Intensive Care Unit

    ICU rooms

    Manufacturer: SHD ITALIA S.r.l./Italy

    Prefabricated Intensive Care Unit Installation System, modular, which consists of fully assembled elements (frame - panel - suspended ceiling, etc.). Their industrial construction ensures absolute adaptation to form a homogeneous whole, resulting in the creation of a "cage" to protect the aseptic conditions of the ICU from any aggravated conditions of the surrounding areas.

    Panels made of aluminium with increased resistance to impact and stress in general. They are rigid, non-deforming, thanks to the reinforced metal ribs of the same material (without the addition of common building materials such as plasterboard, etc.). Their light weight and adaptation mechanism to the frame allow their immediate addition and subtraction by a single person. The panel front can be covered with a variety of surface options.

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