Operating Room Equipment


    Operating Tables

    Mobile Operating Tables

    Mobile Operating Tables of modular technology, suitable for all surgical specialities, electro-hydraulic/electromechanical operation, made of stainless steel, with patient load capacity up to 450 kg.

    Operating Systems with Transferable Tabletops

    Operating Table System consisting of a column, a modular operating tabletop and a trolley, made of stainless steel. The operating tabletop can access the column from all four sides, depending on the architecture of the operating room. Electromechanical operation, with patient load capacity up to 450 kg.


    Lamps for Operating Rooms

    Surgical Lamps

    Operating Room Lamp without or with satellite (s), suitable for all kind of surgeries, with the possibility to be equipped with camera/monitor. High technology monochrome white light LEDs, new generation, indirect lighting to avoid glaring, with the possibility of colour adjustment.

    Lamps for Minor Surgeries

    Lamp without or with satellite, lightweight. High technology monochrome white light LEDs, new generation, with light intensity adjustment. Ceiling/wall mounted or mobile versions.

    Lamps for Recovery & Preparation Rooms

    Several versions of Recovery & Preparation Lamps with multiple support possibilities covering every need.


    Suspended Units for Operating Rooms

    Pendants for Medical Gas & Electric Supply - Surgeon & Anesthesiologist

    Flexible Operating Room Pendants, equipped with all the necessary electrical and medical gas outlets and with the ability to add a variety of desired accessories, such as shelves, IV poles, anaesthesia tower suspension system, etc. Electric or manual, with a choice of single or multiple heads and the possibility of single or double arm.

    Bed Head Units for Medical Gas & Electric Supply

    Patients’ Bed Head Units with medical gas outlets, electrical sockets, direct and indirect lighting, peripheral accessories, accessories rail, etc. Passing of the outlets inside multiple separate compartments along the unit, in accordance with the European regulations and the criticality of each Hospital area.

    Operating Room Organization Systems

    Surgeon Scrub Sinks

    Scrub Up Sink for the auxiliary areas outside the operating rooms, made of Corian Dupont or stainless steel.

    Equipped with soap dispensers. With the possibility of shaping curves in ergonomic formations.

    Storage Systems

    Antimicrobial storage systems suitable for surgeries and the organization of sanitary material.

    • Pass through cabinet.
    • Instruments cabinet.

    Mobile Equipment

    • IV poles
    • Stainless steel instrument trolleys
    • Stainless steel antistatic operating steps
    • Shoe racks
    • Antimicrobial trolleys for medical equipment
    • General purpose stainless steel trolleys
    • Trolleys for dirty linen/waste
    • Infectious waste transfer trolleys
    • Anesthesia/emergency/medicine trolleys, made of steel with epoxy paint
    • Anesthesia/emergency/medicine trolleys, made entirely of polymer material
    • Two/four-section patient stretchers.

    Operating Room Construction

    Prefabricated Operating Rooms

    Operating rooms according to EN ISO 14644
    SHD ITALIA S.r.l./Italy

    Prefabricated system for the installation of operating rooms, modular, which consists of fully assembled elements (frame - panel - false ceiling, etc.). Industrial construction which ensures a perfect fit to form a homogeneous whole, resulting in the creation of a "cage" to protect the aseptic conditions of the Operating Room from any aggravated conditions of the surrounding areas.

    Panels made of aluminium with increased resistance to impact and stress in general. They are rigid, non-deforming, thanks to the reinforced metal ribs of the same material (without the addition of common building materials such as plasterboard, etc.). Their light weight and adaptation mechanism to the frame allow their immediate addition and subtraction by a single person.

    Operating Room Wall Cladding

    Antimicrobial Surfaces

    Specialized Antimicrobial BioClad wall cladding surfaces of industrial production suitable for areas where excellent antimicrobial hygiene results are required. Material of high antimicrobial specifications and certifications, thanks to BioCote silver ion technology, which lasts for the entire life of the final product acting against a wide range of bacteria (such as MRSA, E-Coli, Salmonella, etc.), but also fungi and viruses (such as H1N1).

    The high quality of the material allows the easy and accurate thermoforming of the sheets so that they are properly formed and fully applied at critical points of the wall masonry (such as columns, corners, etc.). The bonding of the sheets is done thermally using a cord made of the same material, with also antimicrobial properties, eliminating the existence of joints and consequently the germs that are caused.

    Operating Room Control Panels

    Built-in control panel for the concentration of the necessary handlings and supplies of the operating room. With separate compartments which have independent hermetic doors. Internal construction and configuration in accordance with European standards on electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility. Exterior surface made of specialized antimicrobial material BioClad.

    With the ability to be equipped with a variety of instruments, such as:

    • Medical gas outlets
    • X-ray viewer
    • Analog clock
    • Digital timer with control
    • Monitor
    • Power outlets
    • Switches for adjusting the illumination of operating lamps and common lighting
    • Isodynamic grounding outlets
    • Intercom device
    • Indication of temperature and humidity, etc.

    Can be produced in several dimensions for optimal fit in each room.

    Operating Room Doors

    Operating Room Doors adapted to the needs of each operating room. Sliding or hinged, with automatic or manual operation. With airtight or hermetically sealed closure.

    Optionally, they can be equipped with elbow switches, contactless switches, radiation shielding, etc.


    Patient Transfer System

    Patient Transport Unit

    Automatic patient transfer system, fixed, for the separation of septic and aseptic zone at the entrance of the operating theatre, with a rotating heated belt and a vertical sliding window.

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